söndag 3 mars 2013

I'm just a dreamer but I'm hanging on

I've been so busy. Days have passed and turned into weeks and I haven't realised in what speed until now. In fact, I'm exhausted. Today was sort of a recovery day for me. I didn't have anything planned, no work, no meeting, no list of things I must do (ok, I have but I decided just to forget about that today) . I spent the whole day out in the sun with a good friend, just walking and talking. I realised that's just what I needed. Tonight I was going to finish an asignment for school but I've forgotten the book with all my results and facts at home so I guess that'll have to wait until tomorrow. A perfect opportunity for me to just sleep. Sleep and hope to feel better tomorrow because I've been ill and not able to work out for almost two weeks and that's tearing me apart. So let's hope for tomorrow.

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